Substrates and Fruiting Containers

Mushroom spawn needs to be added to a suitable substrate in a suitable container before you can initiate fruiting. Get the right stuff and get growing!



Really, it’s just straw. You should be able to find it cheaper from a nearby farmer- but if you don’t have a source then it’s worth checking out EZ-Straw. This stuff is clean, and doesn’t require chopping. Hard to beat!

Hardwood Pellets



Just like straw, hardwood sawdust / chips is best if you can just get it from a local source. But- if you can’t, commercially produced hardwood pellets work pretty darn good. Just add water, and they break up into sawdust- perfect for most gourmet mushrooms!

Coco Coir



Another excellent substrate for many types of mushrooms. Typically mixed with vermiculite for the best results. Coco-coir is compressed into blocks, just add water to expand it!




An excellent supplemental substrate. Vermiculite is often added to coco-coir to make a great substrate for all types of mushrooms. It is also an ingredient of the PF Tek.



Coarse Perlite

Perlite is a mineral with an extremely high surface area:size- and is used most commonly in SGFC’s in order to maintain high humidity. If you are building a Shot gun fruiting chamber, you better get some perlite.

Poly Tubing


12″ Poly Tubing Roll

Poly tubing is ideal for making straw logs – a common method of growing oyster mushrooms. A 12″ lay-flat diameter tubing will make logs that are 7.6″ thick. Just about perfect. Don’t mess around- get some tubing!