Sterilization and Pasteurization

Substrates and grains need to be either sterilized or pasteurized before use. This step cannot be skipped! Which means you can’t skimp on this equipment. Check out some of the best below.

The Best Sterilizer


All American 921 Canner

This is the ultimate pressure sterilizer! It is solidly built and will last forever, with no compromise in quality or craftsmanship. Buy this sterilizer and you won’t need to buy another, unless you plan on running a large commercial farm. This is the sterilizer used by both dedicated hobbyists and professional mycologists.
The All-American has a metal to metal seal, no gaskets, which ensures a durable seal every time, no worrying about cracks or leaks. It can hold up to 19 quart jars or 8 large grow bags. What more would you need?

  • 15 PSI

    In order to properly sterilize your grain spawn or sawdust blocks, you’ll need at least 90 minute at 15 PSI. No Problem for the 921.

  • Good Size

    This canner model is available all the way up to 41.5 QT, which will hold 32 pint jars!

  • Gasket Free

    The All American has a metal to metal seal, which means no faulty gaskets and a long life.

The Best Value Canner


Presto 23 Quart Pressure Canner

If you don’t want to dish out the funds for the All American, the Presto is your next best choice. It will perform all the same basic duties at less than half the price. FreshCap has used the Presto many times with great success. The main difference is the rubber seal, which needs to be checked often to ensure no cracking has occurred. The lid seals with a simple place and twist motion, which is actually easier to operate than the All American. Can fit up to 10 quart jars and 6 large grow bags, which should be quite sufficient for most home mushroom growers.

  • Big Enough

    This canner will likely suit the needs of the home cultivator, big enough to hold 10 quart sized grain jars and 4 large spawn bags or fruiting blocks.

  • Lighter

    This canner is relatively light and easy to deal with. The lid snaps on with ease.

  • Good Value

    It won’t last as long as the AA, but it will do the trick for a fraction of the price.

Powerful Pasteurization


Bayou SP2 Propane Burner

Powerful pasteurization! If you want to pasteurize large amount of bulk substrate, you need this burner. Able to get a 55 gallon drum full of straw and water up to pasteurization temperature in no time. Durable enough to hold the weight of a full drum. Easily hook up to an external propane tank and get your mold spores, bacteria and competing fungus out of your straw. This is the exact model that we use here at FreshCap and wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Durable

    You might not want to put the full drum right on top of this burner, but it is durable enough to be used over and over.

  • Quick

    Dual jets get your pasteurization water from cool to perfectly hot in under an hour.

  • Simple

    No complicated set-up, just hook it up to some propane and go!