Lab Supplies

Get the gear to fight the war against contamination! (and win) Growing mushrooms from scratch requires some special tools to get the job done right the first time. Check out some of these lab supplies you just might need.



Parafilm M Roll

Sure, you could use masking tape, but if you want to easily and securely seal the edges of your petri dishes, you are way better off using laboratory parafilm! This roll will last you a heck of a long time.

Nitrile Gloves


One of the most common vectors of contamination for your projects is your hands. Sure, you could wash your hands over and over (not forgetting to scrub under your fingernails!)… or just get some nitrile gloves. You won’t regret it.



#11 Scalpel with Blades

Way better than using a knife. A proper scalpel is essential for transferring cultures on agar, cutting clones, and even works for transferring spores. Make sure you get the one with the metal handle so that you can flame sterilize the blade!

Alcohol Burner


Wicking Bunsen Burner

Doing agar transfers, you need to flame sterilize your scalpel RED HOT between every single transfer. THe best way to do that is with a alcohol burner. Safer than a shot glass, cleaner than a bic lighter. Step it up a notch and get a good burner.

Petri Dishes


25 pk Petri Dishes

Pre-sterilized agar dishes, essential for storing and propagating mushroom cultures. Simply pour in sterilized nutrient agar solution and you’re good to go!

Impulse Sealer


16″ Impulse Sealer

Don’t mess around with zip ties or little pieces of metal wire – step it up and seal grow bags like a pro using an impulse sealer! 16″ is easily wide enough to seal bags.