Grow Room Supplies

You gotta grow ’em somewhere! Mushrooms like a very specific environment- and it varies by species. Get the right equipment to maintain the right conditions for growing more mushrooms than you know what to do with.

Best Small Humidifier


Crane Drop Ultrasonic Humidifier

For small scale hobby grows, this ultrasonic humidifier works just great. Easily pumps out enough humidity to get a 4 tier grow chamber thick with fog. Humidifiers. Install it with a timer to automate your grows!

Best Humidifier


3 Head Floating Disc Humidifier

If you really want to get some on-demand fog, step up your humidity game and get a floating disc humidifier. This 3 head unit will get your grow room thick with fog in no time. Simply put it in a 5 gallon bucket with water and set it on a timer. Warning: running this all the time will be too much fog!

Mini Grow Chamber


4 Tier Grow Chamber

Sure you could just build a simple SGFC, but if you really want to pump out those mushrooms at home, you’d best get yourself a 4 tier mini greenhouse. Set it up with a humidifier and a timer and you can make your own automated grow room. It’s the next closest thing to a full fledged farm!

Blower Fan


Dayton Blower Fans

Mushrooms, especially oysters, need LOTS of fresh air. Get a quality Dayton fan to confidently pump fresh air into your grow room. These fans are versatile. You an use ’em for blowing air into the grow room, bringing in humidity, or for a laminar flow hood. I have used a number of Dayton fans in the past and they do not disappoint.

Spore Mask


3M Particulate Filter

Oyster mushrooms are notorious for their huge spore release. Some cultivators have been found to develop allergies after prolonged exposure to the spores. Protect yourself (and your future mushroom harvests!) with a cartridge face mask.