Health Benefits of Rhodiola: What You Need To Know About Golden Root

Feeling stressed? Anxious? Mentally and physically fatigued? Perhaps you want to lose a little belly fat? If you answered yes to one or all of these symptoms, you may want to consider taking rhodiola.

No, it’s not the latest drug being advertised on TV commercials or magazine ads. Rather, it’s a centuries-old remedy that just might help you feel better in more ways than one.

Should You Add Blue Spirulina To Your Diet?

WHAT IS BLUE SPIRULINA | BLUE VS. GREEN | INFOGRAPHIC | HEALTH BENEFITS | HOW TO USE | WHAT TO WATCH FOR | SIDE EFFECTS Algae may not sound like the most appetizing food but this variety is actually packed with valuable nutrients that you can’t find anywhere else. Like many people, you may not feel 100% sure about adding …

The Powerful Health Benefits Of Mangosteen Fruit

You can find it everywhere in street markets, restaurants, and dinner tables across southeast Asian countries from Thailand and Vietnam to the Philippines and Indonesia, but many of us in the West are still not familiar with mangosteen fruit. Why? One reason is that this “forbidden fruit” was once banned in the United States. Fresh mangosteens can harbor insects and there was concern that importing them would introduce the Asian fruit fly to America.

Helpful or Harmful? The Truth About Aloe Vera Juice

If there’s one plant known around the world for its healing properties, it’s aloe vera.

Whether you’ve had sunburn, frostnip, or some other skin irritation, chances are you’ve used aloe as a soothing salve. But more than just a topical treatment for burns, cuts, or other skin conditions, aloe is loaded with potential health benefits that you can get by drinking its juice … as long as you know how to shop for it.

8 Benefits of Lucuma Fruit

WHAT IS | NUTRIENT PROFILE | INFOGRAPHIC | HEALTH BENEFITS | FRUIT VS. POWDER | BEST WAYS TO USE | SIDE EFFECTS You’ve probably never heard of lucuma, but people throughout Latin America know this delicious and nutritious fruit extremely well. Lucuma is packed with important vitamins and nutrients like potassium, vitamin B3, vitamin B1, and many more that your …

What Is Sacha Inchi and Should You Add It to Your Diet?

WHAT IS | NUTRIENT PROFILE | INFOGRAPHIC | TOP HEALTH BENEFITS | HOW TO FIND | OIL | POWDER | SEEDS | PEANUT ALLERGY? | SIDE EFFECTS Are you on a vegan or vegetarian diet? If so, you need to know about sacha inchi: an underrated superfood from the Amazon that resembles the humble peanut in appearance and flavor. Loaded with omega-3 …

What Are the Top Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit?

WHAT IS BAOBAB | NUTRIENT PROFILE | INFOGRAPHIC |HEALTH BENEFITS | HOW TO GET | FRESH VS. POWDER | SIDE EFFECTS Have you ever seen a baobab tree? You can’t miss that unmistakable shape: the baobab looks like a tree that grew in the wrong direction with a wide trunk. Believe it or not, this strange looking tree bears tasty …