The Complete Guide To Enoki Mushrooms

We love white mushrooms and portobellos as much as the next person. But when it comes to more exotic varieties, enoki mushrooms are about as unusual as it gets. Although quite common in Asian cuisine, most American palates (and plates) aren’t familiar with these freaky-looking fungi. So what exactly are enoki mushrooms, where do you find them, how do you …

What Is Myceliated Grain or Mycelial Biomass?

Have you ever actually read the nutrition facts on the back of your mushroom supplement?

If not, I totally recommend you take a look!

Of course, if your supplement is made from actual mushrooms, then you won’t find anything too surprising.

The species of mushroom will be listed, along with the amount in each serving. You might also see the “beta-D-glucan” content, or the level of active compounds verified to be in the extract.

On some supplements however, they’ll list terms like “myceliated grain”, “mycelial biomass’, “cultured oats”, or even “freeze-dried myceliated brown rice”.