How To Build A Strong Immune System With Mushrooms

BOOST IMMUNITY | BETA-GLUCANS |  OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS | 7 TIPS A strong immune system is crucial for defending your body against all types of diseases. Most people look into strengthening their immune response during flu season when they want to ward away a common cold or respiratory infection. The truth is, optimal immune function is also vital for protecting …

9 Immune Boosting Herbs (and Habits) For Staying Healthy All Year

Ancient remedies for modern-day ailments.

In today’s modern world, herbs can help counterbalance the environmental impact our bodies endure as a result of poor eating habits, unclean air, stress, and general exposure to germs.

In addition to improving immune function, the herbs mentioned here may also help your body treat inflammation and other chronic health issues. Herbs are also useful in keeping you health during flu season, and can offer your best shot at defeating the common cold.

Detoxifying Green Dream Shake

A detoxifying, hormone balancing, kidney nourishing, immune boosting smoothie that actually tastes good? Yum in so many ways. Serves 2. Simply add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Make a bunch ahead of time and freeze for convenience. RECIPE BY: Nutrition Based Chef and Director at Pure Joy Academy. Follw Katelyn on Instagram @klcuisine

6 Medicinal Mushrooms For Boosting Your Immune System

BETA GLUCANS | REISHI | TURKEY TAIL | MAITAKE | CHAGA | LION’S MANE | CORDYCEPS | OTHER MUSHROOMS | WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR  Mother Nature provides plenty of solutions for improving your overall health and supporting your immune system. Although modern scientific research has only recently started to catch up, cultures around the world have known about the …