How To Strengthen Bones Naturally: 14 Strategies

It’s easy to forget about or neglect bone health. We often take our bones for granted.
You can see your weight, skin, muscles, and other parts of your body every time you look in the mirror.
Unfortunately, many people neglect bone health while they’re young and pay the price as they reach middle and old age. People don’t realize that your bones stop creating new bone mass by the time you reach about 30.

Are Mushrooms Good For You? All The Health Benefits You Need To Know

As a teenager, your immune system was as strong as it would ever be. Sorry to say, but it’s all downhill from there.
Hold on a minute. Just because your immune function slows down with age, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

Nature provides plenty of solutions for boosting your body’s natural defense mechanisms – that’s where mushrooms come into play.

Each mushroom is unique. Are mushrooms good for you? Absolutely, and every mushroom has its own range of health benefits.

What Are the Best Smoothie Ingredients for a Healthy Meal?

As the temperature kicks into overdrive, is there anything more refreshing for breakfast than an ice-cold smoothie?

Yes, smoothies are delicious but they’re also actually good for you – or are they?

Many people don’t realize that they may not be choosing the best ingredients for their “healthy” smoothie.

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with this list of best smoothie ingredients below before you head out for a shopping trip or order your groceries. Don’t forget to avoid hidden sugars and include a few boosters as well.

10 Ways To Make Healthy Coffee

In the summer, a jolting glass of cold brew cuts through the oppressive heat. In the dreary winter months, there’s nothing quite like curling up under a blanket with a piping cup of coffee.

While coffee has powerful antioxidants and numerous health benefits, that doesn’t mean it’s always healthy.

Boosting Collagen Naturally With These Foods

Adequate collagen levels are essential for well-balanced nutrition and immunity. But what is the best way to ensure adequate collagen presence in the body? Do you know enough about collagen (and its origin) to ensure your body is getting what it needs?
If you have ongoing questions about the efficacy of collagen, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to increase collagen levels – even for those experiencing a natural lack of this ubiquitous protein.
Once considered only within the confines of skincare, collagen is now known to be a vital component of a well-balanced health regimen and can be found not only in supplements but in certain foods that can naturally increase the body’s production of this nutrient

9 Immune Boosting Herbs (and Habits) For Staying Healthy All Year

Ancient remedies for modern-day ailments.

In today’s modern world, herbs can help counterbalance the environmental impact our bodies endure as a result of poor eating habits, unclean air, stress, and general exposure to germs.

In addition to improving immune function, the herbs mentioned here may also help your body treat inflammation and other chronic health issues. Herbs are also useful in keeping you health during flu season, and can offer your best shot at defeating the common cold.

Sugar Detox: The Bitter Truth About Sugar Addiction & How To Beat It

No matter what food you eat these days, there’s a good chance added sugar is lurking within. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, sugar is the most popular ingredient added to foods. What’s more, the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar per year. That’s the equivalent of three pounds (or six cups) of sugar per week! (1) Clearly, it’s time for a sugar detox.

Natural Herbs For Sleep: Are They Effective?

VALERIAN ROOT | CHAMOMILE | LEMON BALM | REISHI | MELATONIN | CALIFORNIA POPPY | KAVA | ASHWAGANDHA When it comes to basic metabolic functions, sleep is as essential to vitality as eating and breathing. Yet, it remains sought after, negotiated, and de-prioritized for many of us – particularly those with the most demanding jobs or greatest number of responsibilities. …

7 Ways You Might Be Wrecking Your Immune System

STRESS | SLEEP | SUGAR | EXERCISE | SMOKING | ALCOHOL | WATER | SUPPLEMENTS FOR IMMUNITY Are you always getting sick? Trying to figure out why every time there’s a bug going around you’re the first to get it- and take the longest to recover? Of course, there is no quick fix to getting a bullet-proof immune system. But- …