11 Best Teas for a Cold to Get You Through the Winter

Aren’t colds just the absolute worst? Every year, millions of Americans get the common cold. In fact, most adults get at least two or three colds annually. (1) Since colds are so, well, common, people often write off their symptoms or try to push through. While there’s no miracle cure to get over your illness faster, the best teas for …

Your Ultimate Guide to Basic and Unique Types of Tea

Every culture around the world has brewed different types of tea for their unique medicinal health benefits. Whether you’re a tea expert or newbie, it definitely gets confusing trying to keep all the teas of the world straight. This is by no means a definitive list — that would be impossible! However, it does contain most of the basic teas …

Green Tea Vs. Coffee: Which is Right for You?

If you start the morning with a dark cup of coffee and brew up a cup of tea mid-afternoon, you’re on the right track for well-rounded antioxidant defense.

But what about the finer details?

Is one really better than the other? What about caffeine? Let’s take a closer look.