Your Questions About Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Answered

We love white button mushrooms as much as the next person, but when it comes to mushrooms that do far more than tantalizing your taste buds in your favorite recipes, lion’s mane mushrooms are right at the top of the list.
But what exactly are these exotic-sounding fungi all about? Read on to get the answers to your lion’s mane questions as we discuss the origins of these ancient mushrooms, how to use them, and the many health benefits they can offer you.

Mushroom Powered Pecan Cups

“I made these MOOD BOOSTING CHAI SPICED PECAN CUPS and you should too.” -Katelyn Louise, Nutrition Based Chef at Pure Joy Academy Thanks for the awesome recipe Katelyn! 1. Melt cacao butter and coconut butter over LOW heat in a saucepan until just melted (watch carefully). 2. In a mixing bowl, add all ingredients and whisk until smooth and well …

Supercharged Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is a classic holiday treat… but I won’t hold it against you if you want to whip up a batch anytime of year! This tasty treat is supercharged with brain boosting Lion’s Mane mushroom. SHARE THIS RECIPE Hi, I’m Tegan. I have a degree in Nutrition and Food Science and a deep passion for real food and natural …