What To Put In Coffee- 18 Surprising Boosts To Your Morning Cup

Sick of your ho-hum non-dairy creamer?  A pinch of cinnamon not doing the trick? If you’re wondering what to put in your coffee and sick of your usual go-to’s, you’re in the right place. We’ve got 18 superfood, flavor-enhancing ingredients to give your morning cup the makeover it desperately needs. While all these ingredients have at least one or two …

What’s the Best Way to Take Collagen? (Maximum Health Benefits)

By now, you already know about how collagen can improve skin health and joint health. Now you’re ready to start including this unique supplement in your diet for all it’s incredible health benefits. Naturally, you have plenty of questions. What’s the best way to take collagen? Is there a certain time of day it’s best to take collagen? In this …

Collagen for Athletes? Here’s What The Science Says

“Collagen? Isn’t that the stuff they put in wrinkle creams?”

Yes, but skincare isn’t the only thing collagen is good for.

Unbelievably, every athlete should consider adding collagen to their diet!

Here’s what the science says about collagen for athletes, muscle growth, recovery, physical performance, and much more.

Boosting Collagen Naturally With These Foods

Adequate collagen levels are essential for well-balanced nutrition and immunity. But what is the best way to ensure adequate collagen presence in the body? Do you know enough about collagen (and its origin) to ensure your body is getting what it needs?
If you have ongoing questions about the efficacy of collagen, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to increase collagen levels – even for those experiencing a natural lack of this ubiquitous protein.
Once considered only within the confines of skincare, collagen is now known to be a vital component of a well-balanced health regimen and can be found not only in supplements but in certain foods that can naturally increase the body’s production of this nutrient

What Makes Collagen Good For Your Hair?

Collagen is everywhere these days. You can’t look far without finding collagen. Drink mixes, capsules, protein powders – the list goes on.

You probably already know that collagen is an excellent supplement for skin. Maybe you even know about the benefits of collagen for bone and muscle health.

Many people aren’t aware, however, that collagen is actually a great supplement for improving hair health – in both men and women.

9 Best Supplements For Fixing Leaky Gut

WHAT IS LEAKY GUT | WHAT CAUSES LEAKY GUT | SYMPTOMS | WHAT FOODS TO EAT | WHAT FOODS TO AVOID | 9 BEST SUPPLEMENTS | TIPS FOR GUT HEALTH Leaky gut comes with plenty of painful symptoms: cramps, bloating, brain fog, rashes, and more. If you suffer from this excruciating condition, you may find some relief by making important …

Your Questions About Collagen Answered

You’re probably familiar with some benefits of collagen thanks to skincare product commercials. However, collagen is an immensely popular supplement with a wide range of benefits for supporting bone, muscle, skin health, and much more. You have good reason to be skeptical. No one wants to waste their hard-earned money on the latest snake oil. We put together your most …