Mushroom Powered Dalgona Coffee

Looking to try something new? Check out this totally trendy coffee with a twist! Hi, I’m Tegan. I have a degree in Nutrition and Food Science and a deep passion for real food and natural health. I am a huge believer in the power of mushrooms, and want to help you get some in your life!

Coffee Vs. Tea: Caffeine Content and Health Benefits

Coffee and tea are both consumed widely in every corner of the world due to their amazing antioxidants and health benefits. Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that caffeine is a powerful stimulant either. A cup of coffee or tea can give you that perfect boost to power through the day. But when it comes to coffee vs. tea, …

Mushroom Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

Coffee: Everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up. You can’t go wrong with a little caffeine and antioxidants to get you moving in the morning or during that afternoon slump. That’s why 64% of Americans drink coffee every day. (1) But have you ever heard of Mushroom Coffee? No, it’s not coffee made from mushrooms… And it doesn’t taste like mushrooms either. However, …

Green Tea Vs. Coffee: Which is Right for You?

If you start the morning with a dark cup of coffee and brew up a cup of tea mid-afternoon, you’re on the right track for well-rounded antioxidant defense.

But what about the finer details?

Is one really better than the other? What about caffeine? Let’s take a closer look.

10 Ways To Make Healthy Coffee

In the summer, a jolting glass of cold brew cuts through the oppressive heat. In the dreary winter months, there’s nothing quite like curling up under a blanket with a piping cup of coffee.

While coffee has powerful antioxidants and numerous health benefits, that doesn’t mean it’s always healthy.

DIY Mushroom Coffee

WHY MUSHROOM COFFEE | CHOOSE YOUR MUSHROOM | WHAT TO LOOK FOR | COFFEE RECIPES | SMOOTHIE RECIPES 5 years ago, nobody had even heard of it. “Drinking mushrooms?” That’s crazy talk! Actually, that was crazy talk. Thanks to Tim Ferris- and some other trailblazers in functional mushrooms- “biohackers” all over North America are now adding mushrooms to their daily …