The Mushroom Lovers Gift Guide For 2019

Shopping for that fun-guy or fun-gal in your life? Maybe just need a gift for one of your mushroom-loving 'shroomates?

Fear not!

From simple stocking-stuffers to life changing adventures, this list has everything you need to surprise and delight the mycophile in your life.

1. Mushroom Socks


Nobody really likes to get boring ‘ol socks for christmas… unless of course, they’re as cool as these mushroom socks from The Good Luck Sock Company!

These socks are a perfect fit for the mushroom forager or budding mycologist on your list. Plus, they don’t just look cool- but are actually comfortable and super high quality. The mushroom socks are available for both fun-guys and fun gals and are sure to bring a smile to the mycophile in your life.


Price: $

Best For: Foragers, Everyone

Check 'em out

2. Mushroom Kit


Know someone who loves mushrooms but hasn’t yet started to grow them?

Fulfill their mushroom farmer dreams with an easy to use grow kit!

Back To the Roots has a special holiday kit that contains both Pink Oyster and Pearl Oyster mushrooms. I’ve actually grown one of these kits myself and they really are super easy to use… and a ton of fun!

That being said, they still do need to a bit of care and attention to work properly, so make sure you read this article to get a primer on using mushroom kits


Price: $

Best For: Kids, Everyone

Check 'em out

3. Healing Mushrooms Book


If you shopping for someone that prefers to curl up with a good book, then pick up a copy of Healing Mushrooms by the founder of Four Sigmatic, Tero Isokauppila.

The book is jammed packed with information on medicinal and functional mushrooms, and can get even the most fungi-phobic people excited about the healing powers of mushrooms.

It also has 50 easy recipes using these amazing Mushrooms, so readers can power into 2019 feeling better than ever.


Price: $

Best For: Bookworms

Check 'it out

4. Foraging Knife


Friends don’t let friends go foraging without a proper mushroom knife.

But don't sweat- because there is a knife specifically designed for mushroom hunting- and it’s actually pretty awesome.

It has a sharp, curved blade, is light in your hand but strong enough to dig out entire fruit bodies, and even has a handy little brush to clean your harvest.


Price: $

Best For: Mushroom Hunters

Check it out

5. Wild Mushroom Pendants


High quality, handmade jewelry is a gift sure to be MushAppreciated by anyone on your list.

These pendants are made using real mushrooms foraged from west coast of Canada, and come with information on the species used in the piece.  


Price: $$

Best For: Anyone

Check 'em out

6. Fungi Mag Subscription


There’s tons of amazing information on the internet about growing mushrooms, mushroom hunting, and mycology in general. But sometimes it’s hard to beat the printed word.

That’s why you need to consider gifting a subscription to Fungi Magazine.

It’s published 5 times a year (quarterly issues plus one special issue) and is always a high quality piece of fungal wisdom that you won’t find anywhere else.


Price: $$

Best For: Serious mycophiles

Check it out

7. Mushroom Light Display


Mushrooms light up my life… but even if you don’t feel that glowing passion the same way I do, you can try and simulate it with these mushroom lights from The Snowmade on Etsy.

They’re not cheap- but they are truly works of art! Available in a variety of different sizes and styles, you’re sure to find one that works for the mushroom lover in your life.


Price: $$

Best For: Anyone

Check 'em out

8. Mushroom Eco-Adventure


I spend a lot of my free time roaming around in the woods near my house, looking for all kinds of mushrooms. But that is nothing compared to the life-changing adventures made possible by Mushroaming Tours.

Every year, author and mycologist Daniel Winkler organizes “MushRoaming Eco-Adventures” to far-off places like Columbia and Bhutan. The tours are focused on fungi, but are also designed to allow ample exploration of both the ecological and cultural diversity of the regions visited.

This gift is not cheap- but would be an adventure of a lifetime for any fungi-phile!


Price: $$$

Best For: Adventurers

Check 'em out

9. Telluride Mushroom Festival


Imagine a place high in the mountains of Colorado, where thousands of people all over the world converge to celebrate mushrooms.

Sound crazy?

Admittedly, the Telluride Mushroom Festival is kind of crazy, but 100% worth the trip for anyone remotely interested in mushrooms. The festival features lectures, workshops, forays, identification with experts, and mush more.

Full festival passes for 2019 go on sale December 19th, and will sell out at some point.


Price: $$$

Best For: All kinds

Get Tickets

Hope this list gives you some ideas to satisfy the mushroom lover in your life this year!

Happy shopping!

-spread the spores-

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Linda Baillie
Linda Baillie

WOW!! I only knew about one of these (the Telluride Festival)! The others are new to me and are fantastic!! I can’t even pick a favorite cause I think they’re all amazing! Thank you for posting these for us to discover and enjoy!