How Do Mushrooms Grow? Another Great Video on Mushroom Cultivation

How do mushrooms grow anyway? If you want to grow mushrooms at home, you first have to understand the overall process. Mushrooms are different than plants in many ways. They don’t have roots, they have mycelium. They don’t have seeds, but instead have spores- billions of spores!

I found this excellent video on YouTube. It is part of a larger series explaining in a broad sense how different foods are grown with the purpose of giving us a better connection to the food we eat. Mushrooms are definitely one of those things that most people eat and enjoy, but don’t have much understanding of how they actually grow. I believe this video provides a pretty good primer on mushroom cultivation, mainly focusing on Agaricus species, aka the button or portabella mushroom. Although it focuses on industrial scale production, many of the same techniques can translate to home cultivation. Here is the video:

This video highlights a few types of mushrooms that can be easily grown at home, namely the Lions Mane Mushroom. It doesn’t actually mention Lions Mane, however, but instead calls the mushroom the Pom-Pom, which is another common name for the Lions Mane. Unfortunately, most people are unfamiliar with this mushroom because it is rarely seen in grocery stores.

This video also has a few beautiful shots of the Yellow or Golden Oyster Mushroom, although it does not specifically mention it. This is another mushroom that is rarely found in grocery stores- in fact I have never seen them. This is because the mushroom is extremely delicate. It doesn’t store long and is difficult to transport long distances.

So, unless you live close to a producer, you are unlikely to see it in stores. Luckily, the Golden Oyster Mushroom can be grown at home rather easily using the straw log technique. I have also had success growing this mushroom on supplemented sawdust blocks and grow logs.

Want to grow mushrooms at home? You might find these supplies to be helpful.

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