Great Video on Large Scale Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

What happens when you take the techniques learned here and apply them on a larger scale? You get an huge, awesome mushroom farm producing thousands of pounds of unique and interesting gourmet mushrooms. I found this video on YouTube, which highlights a California Mushroom grower, Far West Fungi. It shows mushroom cultivation techniques such as growing gourmet mushrooms on sawdust using grow bags and using laminar flow hoods for clean spawning procedures, which you can use to grow on a smaller scale at home.

Check out the video:

Some of the mushrooms highlighted in this video can be grown at home including the Blue Oyster Mushroom, The Yellow Oyster Mushroom and the King Oyster Mushroom. I like how in the video he says that he grows mushrooms by trying to mimic what is done in nature, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The Oyster Mushrooms, for example, grows on trees. It uses the wood of the tree for nutrition and the bark of the tree for protection, finding a crack in the bark when it is ready to fruit. It makes sense then, to mimic this by using plastic grow bags (acting like the bark), sawdust (acting like the inside of the tree) and fruiting by slicing a “crack” in the side of the bag.

I also found it interesting that they don’t use a casing layer for king oyster mushrooms, something that we have found to be beneficial. It does however show that some of the techniques that benefit the home grower don’t translate economically to large scale production. What works at home doesn’t always translate to the big scale, but we can use insight from large mushroom farms to get some hints as to how to grow mushrooms successfully at home.

I hope you enjoy the video and it inspires you to grow lots of mushrooms!

Ready to grow mushrooms at home? Here are some items you might find useful:

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