FreshCap on YouTube

That’s right!

FreshCap is now on YouTube!

Actually, we’Ve been there for a little while now, and I’ll admit- I don’t get to upload videos nearly as often as I’d like! That being said, I think it’s one of the best ways to share what I’ve learned, so you can expect many more videos on the way!

This post will be constantly updated as new videos come out. Alternatively, you can just subscribe to the channel and get notified as soon as new videos come out!


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On this page “” you repeate the “Growing Mushrooms On Sawdust: Inoculating Fruiting Blocks” video twice. It’s on the very bottom.

You also don’t have your “Growing Mushrooms On Sawdust: Making The Fruiting Block” video listed.

P.S. Thank you so much for making these videos! It’s been so fun and amazing trying to grow mushrooms for the very first time! And I would have never have even tried if it wasn’t thanks to you. I have a good feeling this hobby is going to last with me for a long time. Thank you.


Hallo Tony,
ma question se résume comme suis:
j’ai voulu essayer Le milieu MYA (Malt, Yeast, Agar)
1 Litre d’eau
20 grammes d’agar-agar
20 grammes d’extrait de malt
2 grammes de levures
comme je n’ai pas trouvé Agar-agar, j’ai pris la Gélatine.
en fin de compte ma gélose n’est pas réussie.
Est-ce-que ma préparation n’est pas réussie faute d’Agar-agar ou bien c’est une contamination.

oluka peter
oluka peter

this is wonderful for a beginner like me. thanx plenty, sure to get some questions from me later.

Patricia Nicklaus
Patricia Nicklaus

While I’m experienced with foraging a wide variety of wild mushrooms, your video about growing oysters in a 5 gallon bucket gave me some inspiration for getting into the cultivation gig for a tiny Farmer’s Market I vend at. Since I’m a total newb at cultivation, can you recommend a good place for blue and pink oyster spawn? I didn’t see the ability to purchase it from you on your site. Also, I believe you used alder for your substrate. Would straw work as well?