Your Questions About Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Answered

We love white button mushrooms as much as the next person, but when it comes to mushrooms that do far more than tantalizing your taste buds in your favorite recipes, lion’s mane mushrooms are right at the top of the list.
But what exactly are these exotic-sounding fungi all about? Read on to get the answers to your lion’s mane questions as we discuss the origins of these ancient mushrooms, how to use them, and the many health benefits they can offer you.

12 Best Supplements For Energy and Cognitive Function

The human brain and body are pretty remarkable.
At the same time, they aren’t exactly made to put up with the schedules and workloads thrown at them.
Work, school, raising kids, cleaning, responsibilities – day in and day out.
The super-wealthy can just disappear on a yacht off the coast of southern France when their energy levels need to recharge. The rest of us, however, need to evaluate our lifestyles and schedules.
A hand from nature can help, too.

17 Best Superfoods For Men

Whether you’re hitting the gym to get shredded or simply looking for natural ways to ward off cancer, you need a healthy diet. Superfoods aren’t just effective for weight loss, they’re essential for overall men’s health.  A diet filled with healthy foods can improve your immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease, defend against prostate cancer, …

How To Build A Strong Immune System With Mushrooms

BOOST IMMUNITY | BETA-GLUCANS |  OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS | 7 TIPS A strong immune system is crucial for defending your body against all types of diseases. Most people look into strengthening their immune response during flu season when they want to ward away a common cold or respiratory infection. The truth is, optimal immune function is also vital for protecting …

How To Strengthen Bones Naturally: 14 Strategies

It’s easy to forget about or neglect bone health. We often take our bones for granted.
You can see your weight, skin, muscles, and other parts of your body every time you look in the mirror.
Unfortunately, many people neglect bone health while they’re young and pay the price as they reach middle and old age. People don’t realize that your bones stop creating new bone mass by the time you reach about 30.

10 Easy to Find Foods High in Antioxidants

We probably could all stand to eat a little better, right? After all, there’s always room for some improvement.
Including more antioxidant-rich foods in your diet is a great place to start.
Antioxidants have countless health benefits that science shows can help our body in several ways. Consuming plenty of foods with high levels of antioxidants can help you age gracefully – on several levels.

Are Mushrooms Good For You? All The Health Benefits You Need To Know

As a teenager, your immune system was as strong as it would ever be. Sorry to say, but it’s all downhill from there.
Hold on a minute. Just because your immune function slows down with age, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

Nature provides plenty of solutions for boosting your body’s natural defense mechanisms – that’s where mushrooms come into play.

Each mushroom is unique. Are mushrooms good for you? Absolutely, and every mushroom has its own range of health benefits.

What Are the Best Smoothie Ingredients for a Healthy Meal?

As the temperature kicks into overdrive, is there anything more refreshing for breakfast than an ice-cold smoothie?

Yes, smoothies are delicious but they’re also actually good for you – or are they?

Many people don’t realize that they may not be choosing the best ingredients for their “healthy” smoothie.

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with this list of best smoothie ingredients below before you head out for a shopping trip or order your groceries. Don’t forget to avoid hidden sugars and include a few boosters as well.

10 Ways To Make Healthy Coffee

In the summer, a jolting glass of cold brew cuts through the oppressive heat. In the dreary winter months, there’s nothing quite like curling up under a blanket with a piping cup of coffee.

While coffee has powerful antioxidants and numerous health benefits, that doesn’t mean it’s always healthy.