Mushroom Capsules: What They Are, How They Help & How to DIY Your Own

If you’ve investigated consuming more mushrooms for good health, you’ve probably heard about medicinal mushroom extracts and powders.

Unlike many mushroom powders you’ll find in grocery stores, these capsules aren’t for adding flavor to food.

Sure, you could use your mushroom powders in plenty of delicious recipes.

But capsules are a convenient alternative- no mess, no fuss no prep- just mushroom power on-the-go!

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How To Use Mushroom Powder: Everything You Need To Know

Like most people, you probably grew up eating mushrooms as a pizza topping or thrown into a salad every now and again. And, chances are, it was most likely white button mushrooms and maybe brown creminis. How do we know this? Because white button mushrooms account for 90% of mushrooms consumed in the U.S., and it’s been like this for quite some time.

8 Types of Mushroom Powder for Brain and Body

Yes, mushrooms make an excellent substitute for adding savory flavor to meatless dishes.

Did you also know that medicinal mushroom powders can boost mental function, support your immune system, defend against aging, and so much more?

Indigenous cultures around the world like China have taken advantage of the power of mushrooms for centuries.

Today, science has started to catch up with plenty of research into the medicinal properties of mushrooms and their extracts.