The Mushroom Diet For Weight Loss and Health

They’re low in calories and high in nutritional value. They’re free from fat and cholesterol. They’re always in season and grow year round. They taste delicious and come in bountiful varieties. Yes, mushrooms are phenomenal fungi with many health benefits. It’s no surprise then that adding more mushrooms to your diet is a smart and easy way to enjoy a …

6 Powerful Habits For The Healthiest Version Of You

Waking up energetic and ready to take on the day doesn’t have to be just an aspiration. With these six healthy habits in place, you’ll feel more centered, focused, well-rested and productive everyday. The above tweet is meant to be a joke, but sadly- the joke’s on us. So many of us increasingly find it difficult to maintain energy, focus …

6 Strategies To Achieve Healthy Aging

Healthy aging is something that most people don’t think about until they start to notice issues. Just 100 years ago the average life expectancy hovered around 50 years old. Thanks to advances in nutrition and medicine, we’re now living approximately 30 years longer! But thinking about healthy aging is not just for older adults. Since we’re living longer now than …

How Mushrooms Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2019

Hello 2019! It seems that last year rushed by faster than I could check goals off my list. This year though, I’m setting out to write a different story. As I typically spend most of the day sitting and working, my new year’s goals are most commonly ones that involve hitting the gym, building up strength and getting “in shape”. …

What Is Myceliated Grain or Mycelial Biomass?

Have you ever actually read the nutrition facts on the back of your mushroom supplement?

If not, I totally recommend you take a look!

Of course, if your supplement is made from actual mushrooms, then you won’t find anything too surprising.

The species of mushroom will be listed, along with the amount in each serving. You might also see the “beta-D-glucan” content, or the level of active compounds verified to be in the extract.

On some supplements however, they’ll list terms like “myceliated grain”, “mycelial biomass’, “cultured oats”, or even “freeze-dried myceliated brown rice”.