Is There a Best Time to Take Reishi? What You Need to Know

Reishi is one of most popular mushrooms not just in traditional Chinese medicine, but all over the world. Thanks to its calming effect on the brain and powerful antioxidant properties, reishi mushroom extract is an excellent natural supplement that is used to support the immune system, reduce anxiety, and much more. When people first learn about Reishi mushrooms as a …

Are Mushrooms FODMAP Friendly? It’s Not That Simple. Here’s Why

WHAT IS FODMAP | FODMAP AND MUSHROOMS | MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS If you were recently diagnosed with IBS or a similar inflammatory digestive disease, it makes sense that you want to stick to a low FODMAP diet. Flare-ups are painful and you want to avoid them as much as possible. You’ve noticed by now that mushrooms are instinctively labeled as a …

Everything You Need to Know About Meshima (aka Phellinus)

HEALTH BENEFITS | HOW TO USE | SIDE EFFECTS Traditional Chinese medicine has understood the benefits of medicinal mushrooms like phellinus for centuries. Finally, modern western medicine is starting to catch up with studies. Still, many people have no idea just how powerful medicinal mushrooms are. Mushrooms are filled with special substances that have incredible anti-inflammatory and immune- boosting properties. …

What’s the Best Way to Take Collagen? (Maximum Health Benefits)

By now, you already know about how collagen can improve skin health and joint health. Now you’re ready to start including this unique supplement in your diet for all it’s incredible health benefits. Naturally, you have plenty of questions. What’s the best way to take collagen? Is there a certain time of day it’s best to take collagen? In this …

8 Incredible Oyster Mushroom Benefits for Immune Health

You’ve probably seen oyster mushrooms listed as an ingredient in your favorite stir-fry, but did you know these fungi are also loaded with nutrients?

It’s true.

Oyster mushrooms come in several distinct types and each one of them is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep your body healthy and defend against disease.

The Top 13 Healthiest Mushrooms for Weight Loss and Your Immune System

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If so, good news: mushrooms are some of the healthiest foods on the planet!
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