Pink Oyster Mushroom

Cadidates for Cultivation: The Pink Oyster Mushroom

A fresh and glowing flush of bright Pink Oyster mushrooms is a site to behold. Pink oyster mushrooms are vigorous growers, fast colonizers, and heavy yielding. The stunning appearance of these mushrooms makes them a favorite for farmers market growers. Unfortunately, Pink Oysters are delicate and their shelf life is somewhat short, making it tough for them to appear on grocery store shelves.

King Oyster Mushroom Cooking

Candidates For Cultivation: The King Oyster Mushroom

Oyster Mushrooms come in a dizzying variety of colors, shapes and sizes. One true standout is the king oyster mushrooms. Unique in many of its characteristics, the King Oyster has a stately appearance and culinary flexibility making it well deserved of its name. Want to easily grow oyster mushrooms at home? Try this fool proof oyster mushroom growing kit! You …

King Oyster Mushrooms on Sawdust

The Fruiting Block: Growing Gourmet Mushroom on Sawdust

Many types of mushrooms , specifically oysters, will do great and fruit heavily on straw logs as was explained in this post. However, most gourmet mushrooms will actually do way better if grown on hardwood sawdust supplemented with some sort of nitrogen rich supplement. Growing gourmet mushrooms on sawdust blocks will require a little bit more initial work than straw …

A grow room for home mushroom growing

The Fruiting Environment: Chosing a Grow Room Design for Home Cultivation

One of the most important aspects of growing mushrooms indoors is providing the right fruiting environment. Unless you have adequate temperature, humidity and air exchange, your mushroom block will dry up and not produce any fruit. Providing adequate air exchange while maintaining high humidity is difficult to master, but there are several possible solutions that will get the job done. …

Agar Plates

How To Make Agar Plates for Growing Mushrooms at Home

Anyone who really wants to dig into the hobby of growing mushrooms needs to learn how to deal with nutrient agar. Not only is it a way to experiment and learn to grow mushrooms more effectively, it allows you to save and propagate cultures, allows you to create your own spawn and liquid cultures, and best of all… its fun! …

King Oyster Mushrooms in an Outdoor Bed

Growing Mushrooms in the Garden: The King Oyster

There is something inherently satisfying about walking into your garden and harvesting fresh gourmet mushrooms for your next meal. Growing mushrooms outdoors in garden beds is low maintenance, produces quality food and provides a unique and beautiful addition to your yard. Many different species can be grown outdoors, but I am going to highlight one of our favorites: the King …